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game audit
  • Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, Torque3D, proprietary engines
  • Multiplayer implementation
  • UI adaptation for game controllers
  • Reverse engineering
  • Tools development
  • Optimization (performance, memory, algorithmic, multi-threaded)
  • Bug fixing and stabilization
  • Microsoft Xbox (One, Series X, Series S)
  • Sony PlayStation (PS4, PS5)
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Legacy engines to modern engines
  • To x64 platform
  • To VR platforms
  • Prepare for Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store
  • Transfer between mobile, web and Nintendo Switch
  • Project schedule, goals and target platforms
  • Team structure and workflow
  • Code architecture and quality
  • Engine usage and modifications
  • 3rd party and plugins usage including licensing issues
  • Blueprints / Visual Scripting usage and balance with native code
  • Co-op, network and multiplayer issues
  • Overall performance issues (loading, streaming, cutscenes; CPU/GPU bound)
  • Scalability and budgets
  • Platforms and stores delivery risks
Engaged by Saber Interactive
Remaster and Port to PC, XBOX, Playstation

Responsibilities: Game logic, AI, physics, vegetations, LODs, optimizations, texture streaming, certification, bug fixing
Engaged by Saber Interactive
Port to Nintendo Switch

Responsibilities: UE blueprints optimizations, AI navigation rework, assets streaming, coop network, bug fixing
Engaged by Saber Interactive
Port to Nintendo Switch

Responsibilities: Physics and clothes, animation system, performance and memory optimizations, bug fixing
Engaged by Playkot
Microsoft store adaptation

Responsibilities: Adaptation of launcher, communication with platform, certification pass support, launch on Microsoft Store
Engaged by Long Tale Games
MMO global relaunch

Responsibilities: Overall development, backend restoration, performance optimization, multiplayer mode optimization, global launch support
management team
Andrei Morozov
Anatoly Gridnev
Dmitry Krivtsov
Head of BD
Olga Khmelevskaya
Program Director
Vasily Kononenko
Head of RnD
Pavel Andrienko
Operations Manager
Sophia Pronina
Nikita Kuleshov
Project Manager
Stanislav Orlovskiy
representative in Japan