our qualification

we work with a wide range of game engines, including the most exotic ones, producing fast-performing ports to any modern platform. we handle all the issues of cross-platform porting, designing systems that look and work the same across all environments.

our qualification

  • multithreaded optimizations
  • porting of features from other versions of the game engines
  • debugging, bug fixing
  • optimization of the render pipeline
  • porting to sony (ps4, ps5) & microsoft (x1, x1x, xss, xsx) gaming consoles
  • porting to the x64 platform (windows/linux)
  • content optimization
  • memory management optimization
  • custom feature addition
  • controls optimization
  • graphics improvements
  • algorithmic optimizations
  • code optimizations


development steps


  • code, assets and ui analysis started
  • first game launch on console

vertical slice

  • integration of console specific code
  • profiling of the game, detection of possible bottlenecks


  • first tech optimization pass (gpu/cpu)
  • first art optimization pass (lods/lights/shadows/shaders)
  • memory optimization is done
  • all ui issues are fixed


  • the game can be played from start to finish
  • the main part of optimizations is completed
  • build is ready for certification and age rating


  • all optimizations are done
  • all certification, blocker, and critical issues are fixed
  • the game is ready for submission

certification pass

  • certification issues are fixed
  • the game passed certification and is ready for release

day 1 patch + release

  • the game is released
  • final performance optimizations
  • the day 1 patch is ready and has completed certification

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