/ 01.06.2023
Game Porting To Expand the Business
The video games industry has been showing a drastic growth for decades. The segment is expected to reach an annual rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 7.17% with a projected market volume of US$ 482.30bn by 2027, whereas the number of customers is anticipated to amount to 3.04bn users in 5 years.

Since the market has been gaining dramatically along with new technologies boosting the industry, video gaming has become a significant part of the lifestyle. Meeting the new demands of the players may be a challenge, which transforms the approach to computer gaming. The games’ cross-platform interoperability turns into a crucial trend triggering a rush for porting the products.

Porting is the process of the game adaptation and customisation for multiple platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, XBox. It widens the audience and makes the game more accessible for players.
To port, or not to port?
This question is no longer on the agenda. Games developers, designers and publishers consider porting to be a keystone to reach new audiences and expand the business. Starting with the most ported video game in the world according to the Guinness World Records, Tetris (1984), which is available for more that 70 unique systems, today both well-known companies and startups aim to make their products compatible to different platforms.

The idea to port the games to various consoles gives users the opportunity to play these games on the platform of their choice. This increases the customers’ satisfaction and involvement, and impacts positively on the game’s revenue.
How does game porting work?
Game porting means having a deep understanding of a comprehensive approach to game design and developing. In particular, using advanced technologies for programming computer games engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, Torque3D, and proprietary engines. 3D-modeling techniques likewise are important. Different consoles have special requirements for CPU/GPU load, FPS, assets, controls, etc.
Reach new audiences with Lunate
Lunate is a vigorous team with years of expertise in game porting and co-development, headquartered in Singapore. The RnD office with the inhouse QA, DevOps and CI/CD engineers is situated in Georgia.

Being the official Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo partner, Lunate has successfully performed porting of first-person shooters, action and story-driven RPGs and MMOs to all consoles.

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